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Santa Clara Utah

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Santa Clara Utah

Santa Clara is a quiet community to the west of St. George Utah.  The population of Santa Clara is approximately 5,000.  There are very few commercial businesses in Santa Clara City and most of the housing is residential homes. 
Santa Clara was established by early mormon pioneers in the 1855. Swiss immigrants supplemented the population of the community significantly in 1861. Most of these Swiss settlers did not speak English and they found the environment of the Santa Clara area to be far different than that of their homeland.

Jacob Hamblin Home Ut

Historic Jacob Hamblin

In 1854 Jacob Hamblin was sent by Mormon Prophet and leader Brigham Young to establish a mission and to work with the local Paiute Native Americans. 
Under his direction a settlement was created along the Santa Clara River. Jacob Hamblin's historic home is well maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).  The home is open for visitors on a daily basis.

Santa Clara River

Santa Clara River

The Santa Clara River runs near the city and while generally just a small stream it usually runs full and fast during spring snow run-off. At times the Santa Clara River has been known to swell to over 500' wide when rain and snow melt have combined to over-run the bounds of the river banks.

Swiss Days Utah

Swiss Days

Santa Clara residents celebrate their Swiss heritage annually with a parade and other activities.

Swiss Days

Swiss Days Celebration